Younzillions is the name give to our youngest students.  They train in BJJ gi, BJJ no gi and sometimes MMA.

Our main instructor has nearly 10 years of experience against bullying, building confidence, self-control, balance, coordination skills, discipline, respect and the correct way to react instead fighting back.

This background is proving to be one of the key elements in why the children that are training enjoy the classes so much and get a huge amount out of them.

We have a great group of youngsters, who are very keen and very committed to their training.  Although training techniques and rolling is taken very seriously, the kids classes have a big emphasis on having fun, which is clearly seen at each and every training session.

They are a close group and range from extremely young,4 or 5 yrs old, to around 15 years old.

They all help each other and get along brilliantly.