This Brazilian martial art devolved in the beginning of the 20th century, focusing on grappling and became quite popular world-wide thanks to MMA in the 90’s.

What is MMA?

Do I need any previous experience in martial arts? NO Do I need to get in shape before I start training? NO Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) includes standing and ground techniques isolated or combined, making sure that the physical integrity of the athletes it’s persevered. Kid’s classes also are available

What is BPT – Brazilian Power Team Jersey?

Brazilian Power Team Jersey was founded in November 2014 to promote MMA (Mix Martial Arts) and grappling by Black belt Instructors Eduardo Afonso and Vladimiro Afonso. We are affiliated to the Brazilian Power Team International. The team was established back in 2005 by the union of small teams around the world, allowing them to train under the same affiliation, giving a stronger competition training set up and evidencing to all the founders and team members that they all share the same philosophy for the sport.

Marcello Rosa > Evilasio Veloso > Evilasio Carvalho > George Gracie > Conde Koma > Jigoro Kano Marcelo Bernado > Paulo Maurício Strauch > Reyson Gracie > Carlos Gracie > Conde Koma > Jigoro Kano Arnaldo Santos > Jairo Moura > Jurandi Moura > Carlos Gracie > George Gracie > Conde Koma > Jigoro Kano

Our Instructors

1: Vladimiro “Miro” Afonso – 2nd degree black belt (highest rank in Jersey) under Arnaldo Santos/Marcelo Bernado and previous professional MMA fighter: 2x European champion IBJJF, 2x British champion IBJJF NoGI, NAGA UK champion, UAE Grand Slam London 3rd place, 9x Portuguese National Champion.

2. Eduardo “Eddie” Afonso – BPT Jersey black belt: British champion IBJJF, NAGA UK champion, UAE Grand Slam London 2nd place

3. Andrew “Topo” Toporis – BPT Jersey black belt

4. Michael ” Spaniard” Cañas – MMA and BPT Jersey purple belt: NAGA UK champion, Amateur MMA

5. Charlie Tromans – BPT Jersey blue belt